Sretena Anna Novic Poetry

1. Kingdom

2. Let my ashes be returned to the moon

3. Step by step of motion

4. On some staircase

5. Does the old age starts when we stop dreaming?

6. My prayer is a swanlike winged dog

7. A life passes by in front of me

8. Who is going to judge

9. I live in an armor of fear

10. In the mirror of life nothing is clear

11. I empower you to build a world and take a new road

12. If I ever die

13. Everything has its time and hour

14. A Wall

15. Awakening

16. If you don’t wake up one day you’ll be sorry

17. My painful heart is cracked long ago

18. When the shadow of the last resurrection



Whisper to me your wildest dreams,
Love me, as a storm loves freedom.

Show me the last memories
Of the bull
Lying in its own blood.

Celebrate your glory in the comedy of silence,
Shake my hand and smile at me.

Be a warrior and lead your army to the red field
With no chance of winning.

Cursed be by a witch,
Deafened stay
in wicked pain.

Touch the fog in the graveyard of insanity
While shadows of the night look at your empty eyes.

Death may be your dreamt of kingdom.




© 2007 Slobodan's Abstract Art