Slobodan Macura

The Artist

The need to express oneself is the essential element in the reality of man’s endeavor to exist. I know there are countless ways to reveal one’s inner entity which, most of the time, stays buried within our human limitations — if we don’t take that very important step to cross over the bridge which inevitably will lead to our own true being. Art is not the only way, but seems to be the most effective way to manifest the living energy of life. Obviously real art is life itself, the true evolution through which nature reveals its brilliant work perpetually perfecting itself. Humane deeds are extended thoughts and tools of that very same evolution where, through its creations, man gives refined thoughts back to nature. Unrefined, raw ideas need to be manifested through the work and deeds of man. Trying to complete his mission, man identifies himself with the work he does, finding solace and peace within himself, in time returning to nature, a finished product. That finished product could be manifested in many forms and modes depending on how and what one chooses to explore. Therefore I happen to be inspired by an artistic motion of desire to reveal not only my inner self, but the common denominator connecting all of divine creations including the indefinite time and space we live in. Each picture represents emotional aspects of my belief. They are not mystical as one may think, but rather genuinely realistic. My reality is not only what I can see, but also what I can feel and touch within my insights which is far from not being real to my belief and my convictions. My art, if I may call it that, is not a hobby, but an essential necessity for my well being. It allows me daily meditation and feeds my hunger for truth.