Sretena Anna Novic Poetry

1. Kingdom

2. Let my ashes be returned to the moon

3. Step by step of motion

4. On some staircase

5. Does the old age starts when we stop dreaming?

6. My prayer is a swanlike winged dog

7. A life passes by in front of me

8. Who is going to judge

9. I live in an armor of fear

10. In the mirror of life nothing is clear

11. I empower you to build a world and take a new road

12. If I ever die

13. Everything has its time and hour

14. A Wall

15. Awakening

16. If you don’t wake up one day you’ll be sorry

17. My painful heart is cracked long ago

18. When the shadow of the last resurrection


Does the old age starts when we stop dreaming?

Does the old age start when we stop dreaming,
Or does it enter quietly without an announcement.
And what is separating us from the childhood,
the age, or dreams when we deny them.

What makes me happy in this world of living,
What gives me the strength not to kill myself.
When you find dreams of others in you,
When you know that you exist,
the world will open up to you.

It’s happened to me too.

Once, I’ve awaken aware that 
I am surrounded by happiness.
I’ve felt a strange warmth in me,
and in my soul.

Your gentle eyes were watching me,
I heard many voices from far away,
but only yours I recognized.
Once, our two beings were one.

I recall happiness, it lives in me now.

Although, sometimes, I wake up with queries,
now, it’s just  for a short moment.
Complaints I don’t hear any longer,
as I’ve expelled them from my thoughts.

Light turns me towards you,
and all my lives are alive in me.
On that distant morning
I’ve made my choice: to be with you.

Seldom, I’m asking myself
Is this a dream only, or is this a reality?
The burdensome old age
will never pull me in its gloom.

Even if lived a hundred of such lives,
I know that dreams will keep
me elated and close to you,
and you’ll protect me from the darkness.



© 2007 Slobodan's Abstract Art