Sretena Anna Novic Poetry

1. Kingdom

2. Let my ashes be returned to the moon

3. Step by step of motion

4. On some staircase

5. Does the old age starts when we stop dreaming?

6. My prayer is a swanlike winged dog

7. A life passes by in front of me

8. Who is going to judge

9. I live in an armor of fear

10. In the mirror of life nothing is clear

11. I empower you to build a world and take a new road

12. If I ever die

13. Everything has its time and hour

14. A Wall

15. Awakening

16. If you don’t wake up one day you’ll be sorry

17. My painful heart is cracked long ago

18. When the shadow of the last resurrection


A life passes by in front of me

A life passes by in front of me
and I seat motionless.
Minutes, hours, days go lost forever.
I am stone silent.

Every year has left a trace
in my heart.
Presentiments are in my eyes.

Which of the roads I have taken
to this dreamy crossroad?
Whose eyes will bring me back to reality?

Every tear shed
I’ve fed with a smile,
from each footprint in a deep snow
I’ve defended myself with sand, and sun.

An army of people around me,
nobody looks straight into my eyes,
Their hour is elapsing too.

Do gods know that I am close to them by despair.
All rivers will be one in the end,
all traces in time ever existing, will pass.

From all of us only ashes remain,
sifted through the finest sieve.
The ashes will be stored within us.

A minute chimes an hour, that
transforms to the next hour.
All my hours will be dragged in to new hours,
like the rain along a September street.

All my years will flow along
steel and silvery gutter-pipes,
through the house gutters of my appeasement.

And after all of that, the time will run.


© 2007 Slobodan's Abstract Art